Thursday, April 9, 2009

MEET ... David

Here is David at his 1st birthday party! My friend from work asked me to take pictures of his son, David, at his one-year-shabang! Check out his cheeks! How cute ... He didn't really want a lot to do with his cake, but boy-oh-boy, does he love his own tounge! He was a happy little one-year old with lots of family and friends to help celebrate!


Tim said...

Seriously. How cute is our son :). Thanks again!

Grandma Mim said...

Thank you, Brittney, for your part in making David's Bday so special. However, I think the best picture that shows those incredible eyes is the one looking sideways with a bit of a pout. Tiff has it on her blog.. you did a great job! Grandma Mim