Sunday, November 23, 2008

MEET ... The Hammonds

Today I took pictures of the entire Hammond family! Brothers, cousins, nieces, and nephews!! They took advantage of all their family being together and got some great group shots! Below are three pics of Ryan and Nicole's bunch!

MEET ... The Mejias

Julian was so cute! At 13-months Julian is walking everywhere --- fast! His parents had a great time chasing after him! One of his favorite things to do is give his daddy high-fives which was precious!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

MEET ... Jack

Jack is the newest addition to the Herrin family ... and ohhhhh is he precious! He was amazing. For only a little over a week old, he lasted through a 2-hour photo session! He did so good and we got lots of cute "sports" shots by draping him over a basketball and sitting in a baseball mit! Love him!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MEET ... The Walthers

What a stunning family! I bet you can't tell, but the wind was blowing so hard during this shoot!! We had to keep waiting for the gust to go by and then I would snap like crazy! It made for great pics in the leaves though!!

MEET ... Dan and Tiffany

Oh my gosh, where do I begin with Dan and Tiff??? They were SO much fun! It was so fun to spend time with them and see how much these crazy kids are in love with each other! I think they laughed the entire two hours!!!!

MEET ... The Sparks

The Sparks family was adorable! Check out Addison's eyes!!! They are sooooo blue! She is such a happy girl and we got some great shots! It was a little wet outside, but they didn't care! Amazing pics!

MEET ... The Moodys

I loved shooting the Moody family!! Talk about a good looking family!!! They were so sweet and had a great time. You can tell this is a very fun and loving family. My favs were the "silly face" pictures!

MEET ... The Hughes

The Hughes family were after some good ole family pics in the park! Julie and Mike had to have one of the two of them in their staple --- sunglasses! The kids were so fun and each had a great personality!

Monday, November 17, 2008

MEET ... The Knutsons

The Knutson family was so full of energy! We actually took these shots in their beautiful neighborhood! The kids were so cute ... they have the most beautiful eyes! A darling day for a darling family!

MEET ... Mireille (little red riding hood!)

These were Mireille's 11-month pictures! Now that she is beginning to walk she had a lot of fun playing in the leaves! I loved this sweater Frannie put her in ... she looked like little red riding hood! Cute as her little flower button!

MEET ... The Hoppes

The Hoppe family was great! It was a family session and Layla's 3-month pictures! Heather brought an adorable dress and these great headbands!! Mom and Dad were sweatin' by the end but Layla was cool as a cucumber naked on the blankets!!

MEET ... The Ellsworths

The Ellsworth family was so great to photograph ... Not only are they all gorgeous, but they were up for anything! Even the boys got really into the poses at the end!! I was able to get some fun shots of them playing football and having a big leaf fight!

MEET ... The Malisanis

Have you ever seen a cuter pair of cheeks on a boy? Nicholas' dimples and blue-blue-blue eyes are so cute!! He has the happiest little laugh and was tromping all over the park! Thank goodness Shannon's parents were there to help keep his attention in the directon of the camera!

MEET ... The Wilsons (again!)

Julianne out did herself again .. she MADE these costumes!!! Isn't she amazing? Morgan, our plump pumpkin was adorable as ever and Bryce the Purple-People-Eater (not a dragon, he'll correct you) had perfected his roar!

MEET ... The Almquists

Justin, Carrie and the girls are so cute! The girls looked adorable in their costumes and I love the fact they all had matching ASU gear ... a staple in the Almquist family!

MEET ... Tedi and Ed

Tedi and Ed were in the market for some fun, unique, and "couple-y" pictures! And that's what they got! They had a lot of fun in this alley ... especially when Ed pulled out his bike!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

MEET ... Sydnee

This is "Sydnee Blair with the red hair" as her Mommy calls her! She did so great and she was the first baby to use my studio Blake set up for me!!!