Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've been bad ........

Sorry I have not done a post in what feels like forever! It's been a long week. As you know, Braxton had that double ear infection ... the Dr. gave us amoxicillian to treat it. He was on it for 10 days and did great! He never had a problem taking the medicine or anything! His ear infection symptoms cleared up almost over night!

Well, Sunday was the last day of his dose. We noticed he wasn't himself that day. Pretty lethargic and not really interested in eating. We took his temp, and sure enough he had a fever. Some infant Tylenol did the trick and brought it down. But Monday we were in for a rude awakening ... an awful rash all over his body!

The hard thing was, it looked different on different parts of his body! Here we go again with skin issues ... so the next day I took him to the Pediatrician and Dermatologist and what they think he has is a 3-fold rash going on! 1) possible allergic reaction to amoxicillian causing one part of the rash, 2) a viral exanthem rash and 3) another excema outbreak. Good lord. So, off to the pharmacy I went again!

The meds are helping some, but he's still pretty rashy and is off schedule (harder on Mommy than him cause I thought I JUST got that figured out!!). Any way, we have our friends, Pete and Julie (WHO FOR THE RECORD, BLAKE, I WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR SETTING UP!), coming into town from AZ to meet Brax! So we are looking forward to a great weekend with them and I'll have lots of pictures to post by Sunday!

Love to all!

Monday, January 4, 2010


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