Friday, February 27, 2009

MEET ... Abbey and Daddy

How precious is this ... Matt and Abbey going to a 'Father Daugther Dance!' I took some pictures of the lovely couple before they headed to their first stop for a gourmet dinner ... at McDonalds! Abbey and her friend Gracie (and Daddy Joe!) danced the night away! She looked like a little princess!

MEET ... Joelie (again!)

Here are some pics from Joelie's 4th birthday party at the Children's Museum! It was a great location for a b-day party! She looked so cute (as usual) and it was fun to take pictures of her with her friends ... and don't forget her boyfriend (Blake) who joined in the "children's" fun with a rousing game of Oregon Trail on a computer from 1985!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

MEET ... The Burdos

Meet the Burdo family! How cute is little Riley? I love his hair!! He looks like such a little man in his sweater vest! The entire family is so photogenic so picture taking was a breeze! Riley had fun playing in the grass and mom and dad enjoyed cuddling with him in pictures! One of my favorites is Ryan and Crystal blowing hot air on his hands to warm them up!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

MEET ... Auddie (again!)

As if little miss Audrey Lane couldn't get any cuter! This girl is destined to be a model/singer/actress/dance/broadway star/cruise ship entertainer ... ha! She has so much personality and LOVES the camera! I love being able to take pictures of her -- it's always so easy and we always get great pics!

MEET ... The Kids

These kids were so fun! These were "surprise" pictures that I was asked to do for a friend! She whisked the kids away for the day to have these picutres taken as a surprise for two of the kids' mom! What a thoughtful gift, huh? All four of the kids were in great moods and we had a blast!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

MEET ... The Wilsons (again!)

Despite the snowy/rainy weather today, I still got some great shots of Jules and Jeremy! Here are the fam's "February" pictures! Julianne is so organized she changes all of her frames out each month!!! She is on top of it! The kids are getting so big and Bryce is really getting into having his picture taken -- I love it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MEET ... Easton (again!)

Easton's photo shoot --- take two! These are the "sports" pictures that Sarah and Josh wanted to have! I love the Tonka truck that Sarah found (she's even letting me borrow it for other baby boy shoots!) And who can resist his precious little face? Auntie Brittney loves you!

MEET ... Anne Mitchell

Anne Mitchell is a local real estate agent whom I took photos for! She needed an updated look for her pictures that she uses on promotional materials and asked me to take a few! The cable bridge is her favorite Tri-Cities landmark, so it was natural that we went there!

Friday, February 6, 2009

MEET ... The Helms

This was such a fun shoot! We did Jenn's maternity pictures (only three weeks to go? Can you believe it --- she looks amazing) and Danica's 3rd birthday pictures! Jenn even brought this darling tutu of tool that Danica wore! I just loved the pic of her posing below and couldn't resist putting it on the blog! What a cute family! Can't wait to do the new baby's photos!