Monday, March 30, 2009

MEET ... Cassie

Cassie is so gorgeous and I love her smile! She and her soon-to-be hubby are getting marred mid-April in Jamaica and her friends bought her a session as a gift! How sweet! This was a perfect opportunity to get some pictures of her before the big day. She is so sweet and her smile and laugh are contagious! Happy Wedding, Cassie!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

MEET ... Collin

Meet Collin! These are his one-year pictures. Check out those delicious cheeks! He was so happy and in such a great mood the entire time! We did some of just him for his b-day pics and some with Mom and Dad! I loved his little hat with the green animals! Too cute!

MEET ... Wendy

Some of you may remember pics I posted of Wendy's daughter back in winter. She had that darling pink and brown fur coat and ringlets bouncing all over the place! Well, she's going to be a big sister! Wendy is pregnant with a little boy and due in 3 weeks --- I know, can you believe it looking at her?!?! The pictures turned out amazing. We got some very beautiful, feminie shots of her!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MEET ... Gracie (again!)

These are Gracie Hammond's 6-month pictures! Isn't she getting so big? I love her big blue eyes!! We put her in the darling "big cup" that Jamie got me! She did so wonderful and we even got a couple with her darling dimples!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MEET ... The Vances

Amber and Greg were so fun to photograph! We got lucky and got these pictures in-between the hailstorms over the weekend! Not only are they both gorgeous, but they were so cute and cuddly---I loved it! We even got pics of them with thier two dogs at the end. I think they really ended up like the more "eclectic" backgrounds too!

MEET ... Kinnley

How cute is little Kinnley? She was so good in less than an hour we were able to do three outfit changes ... and fit in some nakey shots!! I especially loved her little polka dot outfit. So cute! She smiled like a champ through the entire shoot!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

MEET ... Brielle

This little girl charmed the pants off me! She is such a cutie. Once she realized the camera wasn't on her, she started hamming it up again! Brielle has such a fun personality and I think she knows how cute she is!!! She also knows how to pose, that's for sure!

MEET ... The Colsons

Here are some pictures of the Colson family! They had me take group shots as well as individual family shots. We actually changed locations at the last minute and I'm glad we did! I think they ended up turning out great! Can you tell I love pics of people kissing?!

MEET ... Sydnee (again!)

Tell me this isn't the cutest bunny / leprechaun you've ever seen? Sydnee's mommy had a great idea for themed holiday cards and wanted her 6 month pics to be in costume! How creative ... She was sooooo cute in the basket! Once we were done with costumes we did some in spring outfits!

MEET ... Connor (again!)

Here is Mr. Connor Ball at 3 months! He's got those big blue eyes and lashes to die for! Check out the first pic of him below! He was making the cutest faces!!! Like, "Mom, do I really have to be here?" Oh man it was precious! What a cutie!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Girls trip to Victoria

I have to share some pics from my "girls trip" with two of my very best friends in the world! Barbara, Sara and I traveled to Victoria B.C. for a long weekend of relaxation and fun! Girls -- I love you and had a fabulous time!! Here are a few memorable lines from the trp: "Wow, look at those bulbs!" ... "Hollllaaaa" ... "the rock" ... "I'm flying Jack!" ... "Mom's cupcakes and sandwiches" ... "Blizzards and Rummi" ... "racing to the border in the snow," and finally, the classic, "Pepperspray? Why'd you say pepperspray?" xoxox :)

MEET ... Drew

WHEW! It feels like a long time since I've blogged! I have been so busy lately and now I need to catch up! Check out little Drew ... what a cutie (and a spitting image of his Daddy!). You may remember a couple week's back, I took Drew's Mommy (Jenn's) maternity pictures! Hard to believe it was just two weeks ago!